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A web annotation
built on top of Farcaster

A web annotation tool that leverages the power of Farcaster, enabling users to collaboratively annotate and discuss web content.
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1. What is Buidler?ic-expand

Buidler is a social web annotation that enables you to comment and engage in discussions on any webpage. With Buidler, you can share your thoughts, explore different viewpoints, and connect with others, all within the context of the web content you're browsing.

2. What is Farcaster, and how does it relate to Buidler?ic-expand

Farcaster is a protocol for building decentralized social apps. It is a sufficiently decentralized protocol where users control their data, and developers can build apps permissionlessly on the network.
Buidler, built on top of Farcaster, takes advantage of its essential infrastructure to create a truly decentralized social platform. It also benefits from the diverse range of content and users found in various client apps within the Farcaster ecosystem. When users create posts on Farcaster client apps that include web links, Buidler serves as a bridge, displaying all discussions related to that URL.
By doing so, Buidler enhances its capabilities and connects its users to a broader community, ensuring open, diverse, and far-reaching discussions.

3. Buidler's missionic-expand

We believe that the root of all problems in the world is wrong communication. Our mission here is to solve it, especially focusing on communication problems on the internet. Join discussions, share knowledge, and collaborate towards common goals.